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About Vera

  • Behind VERIVERA - Our Story
    After making a name for herself in the beauty industry for over 20 years as an award-winning professional makeup artist and having served as a creative consultant and partner on renowned beauty brands, Vera Fata finally pursued her lifelong vision and passion and created VERIVERA in 2014 to which she also currently serves as Creative and Artistic Director.
  • Back to Basics
    Vera was professionally trained by prestigious beauty institutes in Paris before returning to the Middle East to establish a series of her own beauty institutes which she overlooked for more than 20 years. She enjoyed a long list of distinguished clientele which included members of the royal family and celebrities from the gulf countries. Throughout her career, Vera personally trained up and coming makeup artists in the region on the best application techniques, textures, shades and finishes to use. Her signature mark and reputation for use of bold color inspired many to follow suit.

    It was her passion for innovation and her determination to stay constantly up to date with all the latest makeup products and techniques in the market that drove her to attend international makeup shows and exhibition in Paris, Hong Kong, Korea, Italy, USA and Dubai.

    Vera worked with many makeup brands, but always felt something was missing. Too many were focused on being the same rather than different. To her makeup was about going back to the roots, celebrating endless options of bright, bold, versatile colors rather than similar color palettes that are being reproduced over and over again. Her mission was to once again provide women with a diverse range of options to choose from to help them stand out in their own unique way instead of a limited line that was dictated mostly by seasonal trends.

    Vera was especially passionate about eye shadows and so began working with a few of the most prominent makeup laboratories and scientists in the industry to come up with her own line of unique and versatile textures inspired by the "rainbow." She experimented with different "unconventional" formulas and did so until she finally found the perfect balance of shades and textures. Her passion for intense richly pigmented hues next inspired her to develop and launch her first signature bold matte red lip that she was most known for in her work; VERIVERA No. 5.

    That was only the start. VERIVERA moved beyond just the ideal lipstick to evolve into a fully fledged makeup line that reflects all her beauty secrets and techniques and will continue to expand with every season.
  • VERIVERA Philosophy
    Although VERIVERA was conceptualized as a professional makeup line, its simplicity is designed to cater to all women who favor ease in application without the hassle. From the runway, to the studio down to every personal makeup bag, VERIVERA adapts to all needs while providing women with the same professional experience.
  • Our Inspiration
    VERIVERA is today available globally and works on all skin tones. The brand draws inspiration from the free spirited woman who is comfortable in her own skin and isn't afraid to embrace her femininity. She loves to be sexy, playful, and above all cherishes her freedom. She doesn't let trends influence the way she looks but lives by her own rules. She's all about choice in color and is never one to shy away from a daring look. The VERIVERA woman is a true rebel at heart.